Seven short stories about very bad people doing very bad things...

COLLECTION: Maybe she shouldn't have gotten off that bus. But he looks harmless enough...a lone clerk in a roadside market in the middle of nowhere. He just wants to show her his collection.
HOT DISH: What is it about death that makes folks so hungry? For Eric Norby, it's an obsession. Lovingly crafted, home-baked, funeral-infused hot dishes are simply to die for...and he'll do anything to keep them coming.
WASPS: Jubel is a man blinded by love, and Marvelle is a woman in love with his money.   No more trailer parks or lap dances for her, and it would be perfect if only Jubel were gone... It's good to be a wasp.  
MIDNIGHT SNACK: Barney had an awful abusive father, a beaten mother, but food made it all seem like a dream. Now he's a grown man with an enormous appetite. Gluttony, torment, and apathy...You are what you eat.
MASON: One boy's journey through a lost childhood. There are things in the dark...things that aren't afraid to come into the light.
OMNIBUS: Out of the fog it appears just when you've given up on everything. But should you climb aboard?
DEPRAVITY CAVITY:  What's been seen can never be unseen.

A 23,000 word collection of short horror stories by Foinah Jameson. Featuring three full color illustrations (on supported platforms) by Michael O'Manion of Lightning Farm Designs.

Body of Work

Stay away from Crazy Mary, the bag lady who lives in the park by the pond. You'll catch the crazy! Everyone knows she is nuts. She has to be...she thinks she has worms in her brain. So stay away...or you might catch more than you bargained for.

A collection of four short horror stories by Foinah Jameson. Illustrations (full color on supported platforms) by Michael O'Manion.

Adult language and some violent content.

The Bark is Worse Than The Bite : A day trip to the wild woods of New Hampshire gone terribly wrong for a little girl and her parents.

Tell Your Friends : One woman's descent into madness as she faces the thing that goes bump in the night.

The Visitor : From the corner of your eye you can see it watching you.

Dogma Cat : Karma's a bitch, but revenge is a cat.

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We all have moments in our lives that define who we are in an instant. Moments of regret, fear, indecision, hope... 
This 21,800 word collection of six short Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy stories focuses on those moments, those choices, those instances where everything moves so fast it almost seems to happen in slow motion. 
Contains some adult language, gore, violence, and general ick. 
Deadline - What if you knew the world was going to end? Would you tell? Earl Pickett has seen the signs, but then he receives a cryptic warning in the mail. It's already too late to save anyone at all. 
Heavy Clouds, No rain -- A day trip out of the city to escape a heatwave becomes a race for survival for two sisters trapped in gridlock. Their world is changed in an instant when the clouds overhead finally unleash the storm... 
The Holiday: A holiday to New York City is the trip from hell for a family from Ireland. It just won't end... 
Manaan: Things happen in the magic time, the time of change...but only if you don't fear the moment. 
Big Boy: It takes a village to raise a child. But it takes a witch to feed that entire village to Big Boy. A mother's love knows no boundary. 
Who'd Mourn for Henry Biddle?: A bitter, abusive old man, recently widowed and alone in his cabin the Maine woods, is trapped with his worst nightmare made real. In the end, who would mourn for mean old Henry Biddle? 
This collection of short stories runs the gamut of soft science fiction to horror, with poignant moments in between.

The short story DEPRAVITY CAVITY is featured in Siren's Call Publications ezine Issue 13 that celebrates Women in Horror Month!

Liam Malone is a demon who loves to fly the friendly skies -- what can he say? He's a people person who hates people! But he loves crashes even more. So at thirty thousand feet and falling all he wants to do is sit back and wait for the screaming to start. The good stuff. But someone else is along for the ride this time.